*Video!* Where is the BEST place to live in SARASOTA Florida?!

The golden question, answered by the golden triangle!

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Where is the best place to live in Sarasota, Florida? 

The golden question answered by the golden triangle.

Welcome back everyone. Brian Loebker, luxury real estate agent with Michael Saunders & Company, Sarasota, Florida. Odds are we’ve all found ourselves asking that question out loud at some point or another, or at least typing into a keyboard, like I’ll bet you just did. So we’re going to take a minute and share with you what we refer to as Sarasota’s golden triangle. So take a minute, put your visually creative hat on and imagine an aerial image of Sarasota and her islands.

We’re going to draw a triangle beginning on Siesta Key, connected to downtown, connected to St. Armands Circle, and back to Siesta Key, and that is Sarasota’s golden triangle. Why do we refer to this as the golden triangle? Because this is home to the majority of the amenities and activities that drew all of us to Sarasota in the first place. Whether it be the incredible beaches of Siesta Key, the local dining and bustle of Main Street downtown, the boutique shopping of St. Armands Circle, which is also the gateway to Longboat Key, or of course, you guessed it, the immense amount of waterfront property found inside that triangle with direct access to open water.

Now, it goes without saying, different strokes for different folks and not everyone’s going to be attracted to the idea of living inside the golden triangle, but that in itself also separates Sarasota far above and beyond many of the coastal towns in Florida. Geographically, Sarasota’s a small town. But make no mistake, we’re a small town with big city amenities. So whether you find yourself attracted to the country club lifestyles of Lakewood Ranch, or the incredible privacy and serenity that the estate lots on Casey Key offers, you’re never really more than 20 minutes away from the action, and that makes Sarasota special.

As always, we hope we’re leaving you guys a little bit more knowledgeable than when you came. Be sure you’re clicking that subscribe button. We appreciate you watching. Leave your comments, and we look forward to seeing you back here soon. Cheers.

Where is the best place to live in Sarasota, Florida?

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