Brian Loebker Makes Michael Saunders & Co. TOP TEN SALES OF THE DECADE

Brian Loebker Makes Michael Saunders & Company’s


In working for a company that has sold over $20 Billion dollars of real estate this past decade, with 700+ agents, we simply could not be more grateful and humbled to appear on this list.

The agents featured below represent the tip of the spear in Sarasota Luxury Real Estate.  To be featured alongside them is an INCREDIBLE compliment and one that would not have been possible without the support and trust from people just like YOU.


And cheers to the next decade of success for us all!

Brian Loebker Sarasota Realtor
Brian Loebker Sarasota





Brian Loebker Sarasota Realtor

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Exceptional Results from Brian Loebker, Luxury Realtor, Sarasota, FL



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Brian Loebker Sarasota Realtor